Thursday, August 18, 2016

ZGallerie Sale

It's been awhile since I've done a home decor post. To be honest, I went a little crazy decorating my house after we moved in and decided I needed to slow down the spending (you may remember my spending freeze during LENT). Anyhow, I did really well with that, and then summer came, and between entertaining the kids and vacations, I just didn't have time to think about decorating. Now I've gone a little crazy with the fall wardrobe spending and should probably hold off on any house purchases, but my in-laws are redoing a lot of their decor, so I can still shop for them, right?

They just opened a new ZGallerie in Southlake Town Square, and I've been dying to check it out! When we moved into our first house in Frisco there was a ZGallerie at the mall, and I fell in love with everything in the store! Of course, at the time we were two years out of college, so the only thing we ended up buying was a couple pieces of art, but my love for their store has not changed! It's definitely not one of those stores you can browse around with two kids in tow (unless you can talk your husband into joining you), so I'm planning on on going to check it out on Monday. Right now they're offering 15% off art, lighting, mirrors, and wall decor. The sale ends Monday, so it's the perfect day for me to stop in!

I always like to do some previewing online, so I decided to share some of my favorites from each category.


What style of art is your favorite? I was always more drawn to black and white photography, and typography art, though the two pieces of art we purchased from ZGallerie for our first house were paintings, and now I'm starting to expand my art horizons a little. Of course, if I change one piece it will probably create a domino effect and I'll feel the need to change everything, so I might hold off awhile. I'm shopping for my in-laws, though, so there's no danger of me spending my own money, right? ZGallerie definitely has a wide variety to choose from, and many pieces are under $100.  


We still need to replace the builder grade lighting in our house. It's definitely not at the top of our list of things to do, but eventually I'd like to replace the kitchen lights (pendants and chandelier), the chandelier in the dining room, and the foyer light. ZGallerie has some unique options. I'm not sure that I can talk Michael into getting any of them, but a girl can dream!

          Alton Chandelier  


This post is starting to get dangerous because I was supposed to be browsing, but it seems that much of what I'm picking out would fit perfectly in my house...I'll just call this a wish list!

Simplicity Leaner Mirror (I love how it looks over the couch!)

Wall Decor

If you followed any of the links, you know that ZGallerie's prices can sometimes be a little steep. A lot of the time I'll just look to them for inspiration and then try to find something similar for cheaper ("Pottery Barn/ZGallerie Style on a Target Budget" - blog post coming soon!), but occasionally there will be something so unique it's worth the splurge. 

Even if you don't end up buying anything it's still fun to window shop! That's what I'll be doing on Monday. Happy shopping!



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