Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recent Books I've Read and Enjoyed

I've always loved reading, but lately I seem to go long stretches where I won't read at all, and then I'll pick up a new book and read it in two days! I love hearing about good books other people have read, so I thought I'd share some of my recent reads! Four of the six books are by Liane Moriarty, who has quickly become one of my favorite authors! I know I should probably change it up a little bit, but when I find something I like I stick with it.

1. The Husband's Secret - This is the first Liane Moriarty book I read. A woman finds a letter from her husband that is meant to be found and read after his death. She struggles with whether to open it now, but eventually does and is shocked by what she reads. At the same time you meet a woman whose husband leaves her for her cousin, who also happens to be her best friend, so she moves home to Sydney with her son to live with her mother. She ends up meeting and falling for a man who the school secretary suspects got away with murdering her daughter 30 years ago. Moriarty does a great job of leaving the reader in suspense and weaving three separate stories that all intertwine in some way. I loved it, so I immediately went out and bought another of her books.

2. The Hypnotist's Love Story - Ellen finally meets the perfect man, but it turns out he's being stalked by a crazy ex-girlfriend. Even though it does involve a stalker, she doesn't go all Fatal Attraction on her and boil her bunny - in fact, at one point the stalker breaks into Ellen's house and bakes for her. It's interesting to see how the story plays out.

3. What Alice Forgot - When I first saw this book on the shelf, I thought it had something to do with the movie Still Alice. It doesn't. It's about a lady who falls and hits her head at the gym and when she wakes up she's forgotten the last ten years of her life. She thinks she's 29 and pregnant with her first child, blissfully in love with her husband. She's actually 39, has three kids, and is separated from her husband. It's interesting to watch her navigate her way through her "new" life while longing for the only life she knows. So good!

4. The French War Bride - I decided to branch out and read something other than a Liane Moriarty book. The title and the picture on the cover imply that it's a love story, but it's not. This story weaves back and forth between the past (WWII France) and present (Wedding Tree, Louisiana) as Amélie tells Kat the story of how she was able to "steal" her fiancé during the war. Amélie shares with Kat the dark history of the Nazi occupation of Paris and how she came to meet and marry Jack, Kat's fiancé. Every time I read historical fiction, I love it, and this book was no different. I really don't know why I don't read more of it. 

5. Big Little Lies - It didn't take long for me to find another Liane Moriarty book I wanted to read. When I heard that HBO was creating a limited series based on the book, I knew that I needed to read it. A school trivia night ends with a death, and the book takes you back six months prior to the trivia night and introduces you to all the characters/suspects. It's a great book, and you're left in suspense the whole time. I literally couldn't put it down!

6. The Woman in Cabin 10 - This book was okay. It's a mystery/suspense/thriller, which isn't a genre I frequently choose, but it sounded good and I needed a new book to read, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone a little. It started off slow, but then I got sucked in and couldn't put it down! It was a quick and easy read, but definitely not my favorite of the books I've read recently. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I don't think I'll be reading another Ruth Ware novel.

Now that I've finished The Woman in Cabin 10 I'm looking for something new to read. What are you reading right now?



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