Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Amazon Kitchen Favorites

I don't know about you, but it seems like I'm getting a new package from Amazon every day. I'm not mad about it ~ who doesn't like getting happy mail? Amazon makes life so much easier. Last Monday my egg slicer broke, and by Tuesday I had a new one in my hand. Could I have just gone to Target to grab the same egg slicer? Probably. But then I'd have to get in my car and drive there, and I'd end up coming home with $100 worth of stuff that I didn't really need. Target has that effect on you. By shopping at Amazon, I'm totally saving money!😉

One of my favorite things to eat on low carb days, or any day, is avocado toast. My husband make the most amazing avocado mash, and on low carb days we eat it on Trader Joe's Gluten Free Crispbread. I'm always looking for a kitchen gadget that is going to make life easier, so when I found this avocado knife I immediately added to cart. It slices through the peel perfectly and it makes perfect little avocado slices. It took a few tries before I got the hang of using the pitter, but once I figured out that you have to twist the knife it was so easy! Could I get by without the avocado knife? Probably, but it's a definite time saver and it was less than $10, so it was totally worth it!

I love to have sliced up bananas mixed into my overnight oats, and one of my favorite "treats" is sliced strawberries and bananas with Almond Milk Whipped Cream. A butter knifes slices the banana fine, but I always end up with an odd piece at the end when I'm holding it in my hand, and I'd rather not get a cutting board dirty. When I saw this banana slicer I decided to give it a try. I love it! It makes slicing bananas a breeze, and there is never that odd piece left over because you just keep putting it back in the slicer. Totally worth the $7 I spent.

My son loves marinara sauce, my daughter hates it. One of Carter's favorite foods is lasagna, but because Sophia doesn't like red sauce we rarely make it (she still hasn't gotten past noodles and butter). Well, one day I decided to try making her lasagna without sauce. I needed something to add some moisture to it, so I subbed olive oil for the marinara sauce. She loved it! I started making it almost weekly, and each time I made it I used those disposable aluminum loaf pans. I wasn't thrilled about having to throw the pans away every week, so I went on a hunt for something else. When I found this lasagna trio pan and knew it would be perfect! Now I can make Carter and Sophia their own lasagna, and if Michael and I want to trick up our lasagna at all we can. It's only $20, and considering I was buying disposable pans every week I figure I'll be saving money soon.

We love to make smoothies - it's a great way to get in your fruits and veggies (carbs), and there are so many things you can add to easily get more fat and protein into your diet. It seems like we almost always add nut butter (we usually stick to almond butter or peanut butter) to our smoothies to make them creamier, and bonus: added fat and protein! I used to get frustrated when adding nut butter to our smoothies because it always gets stuck to the spoon, and when you finally get it off the spoon sometimes it ends up stuck on the side of the blender cup and doesn't always mix in completely. Then someone mentioned freezing your nut butters - not only does it eliminate the problem of it sticking to the spoon/cup, you don't have to add any ice to your smoothie because the nut butter is frozen. Genius! I ended up grabbing this silicone ice cube tray and it works great! I still have to deal with the frustration of the nut butter sticking to the spoon, but it's only once when I'm filling the tray, so I can deal. And each little hexagon holds about a teaspoon of nut butter, so I don't have to be too precise.

When I started tracking foods in MyFitnessPal I realized that a lot of the foods are listed by weight and that it's better to weigh your foods than to just choose something similar. For example, a medium banana is listed in MFP as having 30 carbs, but when I weighed what I'd call a medium banana and entered the weight into MFP it only had 21 carbs. Those extra 9 carbs are important! I wasn't sure what to buy, but when I found this digital food scale and it was a decent price. I also liked that you could change the unit of measurement (grams, ounces, fluid ounces, mL), so I went ahead an ordered it. I love that it's pretty small, and it's nice that it's stainless steel - I store it on the griddle cover on our stove and it blends in because the cover is also stainless.

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