Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fitbit Charge HR

I have a confession to make. I haven't really worked out since my post in May about working out. I did really well for about a week and then with all of the craziness of packing up my room and summer vacations I got out of the habit (not really sure I can call it a habit since it was only a week of working out, but you know what I mean).

Michael decided that he wanted a fitness type watch for running, etc, so after doing some research he decided on an Apple Watch Sport. I thought I wanted something too, but didn't necessarily want to replace my watch, so I considered getting a Fitbit then, but in the end I decided that I didn't need to spend the money on it. And then June and July came and went and I never got back on the elliptical. Our trip to Travaasa in early July was probably the closest I've gotten to physical activity, and as soon as we got home the walks/hikes stopped. 

A friend of mine, who also happens to be a Figure competitor, posted on Facebook that she was in a Fitbit challenge with her brother and some friends, and that got me interested. I like to win (who doesn't?), and if getting a Fitbit meant that I could participate in challenges with my friends, maybe that would also mean that I'd start exercising to increase my steps!

I decided to get the Fitbit Charge HR since Michael is a little concerned about my heart rate (still need to make an appointment to see a cardiologist). It's been interesting to see how even the littlest movement can increase my heart rate.

I've only had it three days, but in those three days I've worked out on the elliptical each day, and yesterday when I got a phone notification that one of my friends had just pulled ahead of me I got off the couch and started moving again so I could WIN! I pulled ahead of her and earned two more "badges" - 10,000 steps in a day and 10 floors! 

There are other feature like sleep tracking (I don't sleep well...must mean I need a new bed), a food log (haven't used this yet), and a water log. Incidentally, it's also a watch (for some reason I though the Surge was the only one that's a watch), but I still stack it with my Fossil watch when going out. The water log is really easy to use, and I've hit my water goal every day, so that's good.

So far I'm really happy with my purchase. It has some great features, but honestly the biggest thing for me is the accountability to both myself and my friends that are participating, or will be participating, in the challenge. I'm hoping that the novelty doesn't wear off and I will soon fit back into all of my favorite jeans comfortably! ;)



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