Friday, November 20, 2015

Advent Calendar

Growing up, Michael's mom always made a paper advent calendar - it was very simple, each day had a Hershey's Kiss on it and he and his sister got to eat one piece of candy each day leading up to Christmas. They always enjoyed it, so we started the tradition with Sophia and Carter, but I decided to change it up a little. Each day they get to eat a Hershey's Kiss, but when they pull the candy off of the calendar it reveals the day's activity.

Some days they get to open a present (ornament, Christmas book, puzzle), but most days involve doing something as a family. Our local movie theater is showing old Christmas movies, so we will go see a few of those, and then we will also go to a Christmas play. This year we will be making Christmas Story Bracelets, and we will do a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt (so fun!). We believe that it's important to teach Sophia and Carter that Christmas is about giving, not receiving, so two of the days are dedicated to doing good unto others - they will each select an angel from the Angel Tree to shop for, and they will bring a goodie bag to a neighbor for the Feast of Saint Nicholas.

I have attached the calendar here if you would like to use it with your family. If you do, please comment below if you come up with any different ideas! I'm always looking for ways to change it up!



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