Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Fashion Haul

I'm sorry I've been MIA for the past few months. I'd love to say I was doing something incredibly exciting, but I wasn't (though I did actually go to London, Amsterdam, and Paris in mid-October, so I guess that's pretty exciting - I'll do a post on the trip later this week!). I've just been in a funk lately. I haven't been motivated in the slightest to work out, and I haven't been eating all that well, so I've just been living in my comfy jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes - to be fair, they are pretty cute shoes, but still, I wasn't feeling very me. I'm hoping to start cooking and eating healthier foods soon (because the holidays are the PERFECT time for that, right? ;), and start working out again. 
Nike Flyknit (similar to mine)

We are getting our family picture taken on Saturday, so I was in search of a pretty blouse. I haven't had much luck with Banana Republic lately, but yesterday I found not only a blouse, but some cute/fun tops for the fall/winter.

Ruffle-Front Blouse (mine is cocoon)

Stripe "Le Tee" Shirt (mine is cocoon)

"All Dressed Up" Graphic Tee

Lace-Hem Linen Henley (mine is, you guessed it, cocoon)

"Fancy" Baseball Tee
Heritage Linen Cargo-Pocket Shirt (mine is Tiger's Eye Green)
Ruffle-Trim Sweatshirt

Pieced Jacquard Fit-and-Flare Skirt (mine is the pink multi/black)

I also ordered some perfume during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale. Both perfumes smell great on their own, but I love mixing the two for just the right mix of feminine and masculine scents. I am planning on wrapping it up and putting it under the tree - I'm so thoughtful starting Michael's Christmas shopping for him. ;)

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Talk to you all soon!



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