Monday, March 7, 2016

Decorating for Spring

I've given up shopping for Lent. Yes, that's right I am not allowed to shop for anything other than things we truly NEED until Easter (six days after Easter if you want to get technical ~ I decided what I was giving up a little late). I realized that I had been spending way too much money these past few months, buying things just because I wanted them, so I decided to take a break from spending. Just because I'm not shopping right now, doesn't mean I can't help you shop, right?

After I took our Christmas decorations down, the house was just depressing. Now don't get me wrong, I was ready to take the decorations down (I even did it before New Years Day this year), but when you go from having decorations everywhere to having nothing it's still kind of sad. That was about the time when my spending spree started. Now I'm not suggesting you go crazy like I did, I'm just giving a few suggestions on things you can add that will bring life to your house!


 I started by bringing in greenery. I'll admit, most , okay all, of the greenery is fake (I don't think I'd be able to keep anything alive!), but they're all good fakes. ;-) I picked up a few topiaries and added moss to my hurricanes and lanterns. I have had the most luck in finding realistic looking greenery at Home Goods. Hobby Lobby has several options as well, but they were pricier than the ones I've found at Home Goods and, in my opinion, didn't look as realistic.

I need something for the center of my dresser for underneath the tv and I think this distressed wood box and moss balls from Simply French Market will be perfect! I'm also thinking of adding a wreath to the vintage window in our room. I think that this boxwood wreath will be perfect!

Once my spending freeze ends I think I'll be ordering them both!


Again, these can be fresh or fake. I have found some really good fakes at Home Goods! I've also found a few arrangements and individual stems at Hobby Lobby. They have sales on floral and greenery all the time, and they always have a 40% off one item coupon online, so it's a good place to look. I have fake hydrangeas in my dining room right now that I got from Hobby Lobby on sale.

Pier 1 has some good options for floral as well.  They have some beautiful floral stems (I'm loving the peony sprays - I may be replacing our hydrangeas with pink peonies for the spring and summer) as well as arrangements, though many of their arrangements are pricey.

Faux Peony Buds Spray
Faux Hydrangea Stem

Pier 1 also has some unique options like this floral wall arrangement. It's kind of romantic and glamorous! In the right spot in your house, it could be beautiful! And if you wanted to create a whole wall a la Kim and Kanye's wedding you totally could! ;-)

Spring Blooms Faux Flower Wall Arrangement

A few weeks ago I started buying fresh hydrangeas at Central Market. I loved having fresh flowers in my house! And then I gave up shopping so I had to give up my flowers. You can bet that on April 1st I'll be buying some fresh flowers!


You can see some stems I purchased at World Market in the background along with  my floral Vera Bradley throw (I guess it qualifies as "fake" flowers ~ ha!). Changing out your pillows, throws, table linens, and other decor items is another easy way to redecorate for the season. Choose light and bright colors, think whites, pinks, yellows, and neutrals.

If you have a tiered tray you can change up what you display depending on the season (and bonus: it works great as a serving piece!). Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest. I actually have one tiered tray that I purchased from World Market a few months ago and another from Pottery Barn that is still sitting in a box. I ordered it before I gave up shopping, but it arrived after and I've been going back and forth between suffering from buyer's remorse and the overwhelming desire to decorate my new tiered tray! I got it on sale and there was free shipping, so the price was great, but do I really need it?!  I'm hoping to figure out the answer to that question before the return policy is up!

The Hamby Home
She Leaves a Little Sparkle

Painted Fox Home

Whimsy Girl Design

She Leaves a Little Sparkle

How do you change up your decor for Spring?



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