Thursday, September 22, 2016

Transition from Summer to Fall

It is still crazy hot in Texas and I am so over it! Yesterday I threw on this v-neck tee and distressed jeans with sandals (yes, still sandals) to go to lunch with my parents. As I was walking out the door I noticed my new Target booties sitting there (I may be a stickler about making sure Sophia and Carter put away their shoes, but me not so much) and realized that by switching out my shoes this was a perfect fall transition look! And the whole outfit (we're talking shirt, scarf, jacket, jeans, shoes) cost less than $200! Obviously you're not going to spend $200 on every outfit, but I'm sure you have similar pieces in your closet. I think that's my favorite thing to do - find outfit inspiration online and then go shopping in my closet!

When my photographer (Sophia) got home I threw on my booties and an infinity scarf and we went outside to shoot the look. At that point the sun was below the trees so temperatures were cooling off (and by cooling off I mean like 90 as opposed to does make a difference). I still didn't really need the scarf, but in keeping with the idea of dressing for fall.....

It's amazing how much warmth a scarf adds! Here I added an infinity scarf, but a big blanket scarf would add more warmth if needed. Layers are key in fall, so I added a jacket to complete the look. Most of the time during the fall and winter, your jacket/coat becomes a part of your outfit. If you're outside you're not taking it off, so get a cute one!

Tee / Denim / Scarf {old, similar here - 30% off with code SHOPSMART} / Booties

Hopefully this helps give you some inspiration for dressing for the fall!



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