Monday, February 6, 2017

Countdown Days 3-5

Day 3: I Soda Love You ~ Last year I attached the note to a mini can of root beer and we made root beer floats, but Carter isn't a fan of root beer ("too spicy") so I decided we'd try this recipe for Cupid Floats. We used Strawberry Sunkist instead of the Cherry 7-Up. Carter still claimed it was a little spicy, but ended up finishing it so I guess he got over it. I didn't end up using the Red Vines as straws - I had cute black & white paper straws that worked just as well (and were free!).

Day 4: You're the Apple of My Eye ~ There is a gourmet apple store in Grapevine so I took Sophia & Carter there and let them pick out an apple. We also ended up picking up some chocolate covered strawberries ~ I couldn't resist! So yummy!

Day 5: We don't have words for how much we love you! ~ I decided to create a word search on Puzzlemaker for them to work on using Valentine themed words.

I hope they're loving this countdown as much as I am! I'll share the next few days later this week.



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