Friday, February 10, 2017

Countdown Days 8-10

Day 8: You're the Missing Piece to Our Puzzle ~ I found these color-in puzzles at Michael's and thought it would be a fun way to show Sophia & Carter how much they mean to us. I used Sharpies to write words to describe them and then had them color and decorate them.

Day 9: You're the 'Swedish' Fish in the Sea ~ I forgot to take pictures yesterday, but I purchased these from Target and put them in their mailboxes.
Day 10: We're not playing games, we're so glad you're on our team! ~ We love having family game nights (post plan soon with some of our favorite games), so I decided to pick up a few new games as a part of the countdown. I wrapped these so the kids would have something to open when they got home from school. I mean, who doesn't like opening presents? This one is more of a single player game, but it really makes you think and it's small enough to bring with you, so it's perfect for keeping them entertained during dinners out. I also got this one. So. Much. Fun! I was a bit concerned about sharing the mouthpieces, but the game comes with ten, so there was no need to share. But they are so uncomfortable, so be prepared for that!

Carter was more interested in playing Rush Hour than Watch Ya Mouth, so I only got pictures of Sophia and I playing ~ not our best looks. ;)

I can't believe there are only four more days to go until Valentine's Day!



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