Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Home {Guest Room}

Happy New Year! Sorry I've been absent for the past few weeks. With Sophia, Carter, and Michael all home for the two week holiday break, I was pretty busy! We had a fantastic Christmas that flew by way too fast.

I can't believe that we have already lived in our new house almost a year! It seems that since moving in last February the guest room has become the catch-all for anything that doesn't have a place. I decided that I needed to tackle the mess and make it an actual place where guests can sleep! Here are a few shots of the before.

**On an unrelated note - I obviously need to buy a camera because my iPhone just isn't cutting it. What camera do you have?**

We already have a nice bedroom set and bedding, so it was more organization and accessories that I was after. 

Whenever I'm looking for something for our house, I head to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. They both carry a lot of unique and affordable pieces. I found a mason jar candle, a throw pillow, a wreath, and a basket that looks like a suitcase at Home Goods. The "Home Sweet Home" pillow was actually in our study (I love it when I can shop in my house....unfortunately it doesn't happen that often), but it looks great in our guest room so I found different pillows for the study. I guess that kind of defeats the whole purpose of "shopping in my house" because in this case I ended up needing to go out and buy something new for the room I stole it from. :-/

I wasn't originally planning on replacing the headboard (why spend money if you don't have to?), but when I saw this old door at Hobby Lobby I knew that it would make a perfect headboard. All I have to do is move one of the hooks so I can hang it horizontally instead of vertically and hang it on the wall. Right now it's just sitting on the bed. I plan to hang it a little higher so it's more visible, but I think I'll need Michael's help on that.

I found a lot of fun decor pieces at Hobby Lobby. I am not a fan of birds, but when I saw this old birdcage (terrarium?) I decided it would be perfect to add a little color to the room. I picked up some cotton stems for filler. I simply pulled the cotton off of the stems and threw it into the cage. I was able to relocate the lamp on the nightstand from another spot in our house where it wasn't really needed.

I had an old silver mirror in the closet, so I decided to paint it white and hang that above the dresser rather than using the dresser mirror or buying something new. 

I also found these fun framed paper flowers at Target.

I found some fun guest room printables on Today's Creative Life, so I added the "Be Our Guest" and Wifi password to the room as well.

I'm almost finished and am loving the way the room is turning out! I'll post an update once we hang the headboard! Now we just have to clean out the closet....



  1. It looks beautiful and welcoming. Nicely done!