Friday, January 8, 2016

Pillow Talk

It's amazing how some throw pillows can completely change the look of a room! When looking for furniture and bedding, I always try to look for solids and neutrals because it's so easy to change the look and feel of a room with pillows.

We got our leather furniture set several years ago from Rooms to Go. It's part of the Cindy Crawford furniture line. It's been well-loved (maybe loved isn't the right word....Carter christened it shortly after we got it by drawing all over a few of the cushions with a blue pen, and the ottoman has a nice outline of the tray where it stuck and the leather pulled off) and eventually I'd like to replace it with a sectional or something a little more cozy, but for now it will do. It was a great price for leather furniture and we've gotten a lot of use out of it, though I still prefer our old couch for naps. ;-) I think I may be ready to change out our current pillows soon, but for now they'll do. I picked up the two patterned ones from Pottery Barn a few years ago and the more natural ones are from Home Goods. It looks so much homier and welcoming with the pillows!

Similar Couch

Right now we have a golden retriever that loves to sleep on our bed (you can see her bottom sticking out from behind the ottoman in the previous picture), so I refuse to buy new bedding. I like what we have, but after months of a her sleeping on the white duvet cover, it doesn't matter how much bleach I use, the duvet isn't that white anymore. I'd choose Bailey over new bedding any day! And it's still pretty from a distance. ;-) When I saw the personalized Mr. & Mrs. pillow at Pottery Barn I knew I had to get it. The chevron flower pillow came from Bed Bugs Boutique on Etsy. I bought it like three years ago, but she still has it in her shop along with a lot of other fun pillows and wall art (I may need to order some wall art - love!). The addition of the throw pillows dresses up the bed nicely.

Mr. & Mrs. Pillow  Yellow Dahlia Pillow

Our study was supposed to be used as an office for Michael when he works from home, but he usually ends up at our kitchen table. I hung our diplomas and other UT decor, but I just wasn't in love with the room. I had three starburst mirrors that were hanging in our old house that I couldn't find a spot for, so I decided to try them in the study near the desk. Once they were hung I decided to go for a mix of masculine and feminine in the room, but I planned on doing that with artwork, not pillows (I didn't necessarily like the two pillows that were on the couch, but they ended up on the floor most of the time so it wasn't that big of a deal). I actually found the pillows when I was looking for something new for our family room. I love the red pillows, but I wanted to lighten things up. Since the couch wasn't getting replaced anytime soon, I decided to change out the pillows. Unfortunately (or fortunately since they work so well in the study) I only found the two cable knit pillows so they wouldn't work in the family room. When I saw the glass side table and sequined pillow I knew they would be perfect for the study. I think Michael feels that the room is a little more feminine than he'd like, but it's one of the first rooms you see when you walk into our house so it needs to be pretty. ;-)

I wrote about our guest room in the previous post, so I won't go into details here, but notice how much better the "Home Sweet Home" pillow looks in here than the study. Again, the room looks more welcoming and homey.

I love how a few accessories, like throw pillows, can completely transform a room, don't you? 



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