Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Thirteen {A Baker's Dozen to Help You Bring Valentine's Day into Your Home}

Last week I shared a Valentine's Day gift guide for men. I considered sharing a gift guide for women this week, but (most) women are easy to shop for: jewelry, perfume, a cute handbag.....nothing new. Instead, I decided to let you tag along with me while I browse my favorite shops on Etsy looking for Valentine's Day decor.
  1. I am a big fan of styling with signs (I'll be posting about how I styled my house with signs soon), so I'll start with this Love Sign with lovers gps coordinates from East Plum. Okay, so if you got this for your man he may not swoon, but if he got it for you....totally swoon worthy!
  2. This Kissin' Booth sign from Down Grace Lane on Etsy is super fun (at the rate I'm going I may need to start charging Michael for kisses so I can pay for my new decor items, so the sign may come in handy! LOL).
  3. I am in love with all three of these signs from My Trusted Treasures! The 14 is fun and whimsical, and the Love One Another and Deeply signs would be perfect bedroom decor year-round!
  4. Love these wooden arrows from East Plum. Bonus: if you don't get pink or red you could leave them up all the time!
  5. These cute little LOVE blocks by Creations By L. Love would be adorable sitting on a bookshelf!
  6. Love is All You Need. Enough said. But I will add that you can buy it from Hello Sunshine Home Decor!
  7. This tea towel by Kitch Studios is precious! 
  8. This love tea towel by So Vintage Chic would be a perfect pair to the love birds towel!
  9. So Vintage Chic also has pillows! This pillow would be a fun addition to your couch (and since it's black and white you could leave it out past Valentine's Day)!
  10. If you're crafty you could try to make a pom pom garland for your mantel, but if you're not, you can order this adorable garland from Our Burlap Bungalow.
  11. How perfect would this heart banner from Olivia's Sweet Lullaby look with the pom pom garland?
  12. This painted mason jar from Pretty Simple Studio would be so pretty with some white hydrangeas on your kitchen table!
  13. How cute is this glitter tumbler from Drink Bliss? It's doesn't exactly qualify as Valentine's Day decor,but it's pink and there's glitter, so I had to make it my number 13!

I think I may be in trouble because I want to order one of everything! Which is your favorite?



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