Monday, January 18, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas {for Men}

I don't know about you, but I always have the hardest time buying gifts for my husband Michael. This usually means that I buy him something totally random and hope he likes it. I love giving (and receiving, I'm not gonna lie) gifts, and I want to know, not just hope, he'll like it, so it's always a struggle.

Lately I've done a lot better with his gifts, so I thought I'd share some ideas:

  1. Tickets. Movie tickets, concert tickets, sports tickets, any tickets! Michael loves all sports, so tickets to a game are always a good choice. For his birthday I got him tickets to an FC Dallas game, and for Christmas I bought a three game mini-pack to see the Texas Rangers. For both the soccer and baseball games I purchased four tickets so we could go as a family.
  2. Grooming products. Michael basically has a five o'clock shadow the minute he shaves, so a good shaving cream makes a big difference. I discovered Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather about a year ago, and it's the best shaving cream! 
  3. Cologne. 
  4. A nice briefcase. This is what I think I'm going to get Michael for Valentine's Day. He has a Tumi expandable laptop briefcase now, but it's been well-loved and he could use a replacement. I'm thinking this time we'll skip the expandable one because he ends up sticking way too much in there and it weighs a ton!
  5. Tools. 
  6. Gadgets. 
  7. Athletic wear. Michael runs, so a good pair of running shoes, shirts (love Lululemon's running shirts - they don't smell!), shorts, etc are always a safe bet.
  8. An experience. Think about what your significant other loves to do. Fishing? Cooking? Hunting? Adventure? In Michael's case, he loves to cook. Central Market offers couples cooking classes, so I purchased a Lobster Dinner Couples Cooking Class. 
  9. A good book. This is important if you have children, especially if you have a son. Kids need to see both parents reading, and not just the Twitter feed on your phone! I purchased a few books for Michael over the holidays and now he's hooked. 
I'm always searching for new ideas, so please comment below if you have something different!



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